next-generation knowledge base

neolace is a platform that empowers humans and bots to build knowledge together


The story so far…

When we set out to build a clean tech knowledge base that everyone can use and contribute to, we couldn’t find an existing platform to build it with.

We wanted a platform that makes organizing and updating huge amounts of interlinked data as efficient as possible, that’s easily readable by both machines and humans, that’s designed for collaboration, and which looks nice and is easy to use. Something like this:

Image of a neolace knowledge base showing an entry on the Tesla Model 3

Why not a wiki?

An obvious choice for a knowledge base platform is a wiki. However:

What about a git repository?


When we couldn’t find a platform that would work for our project, we decided to build it ourselves. The result is neolace.

neolace is a new tool for creating a structured knowledge base collaboratively, either within an organization, among several organizations, or open to the world.

We’re inspired by the best parts of wikis like MediaWiki and Confluence, version control systems like git/GitHub/GitLab, no code database tools like Excel and Airtable, and graph databases like Neo4j.

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