Unlock the power of collaborative knowledge.

Neolace is for visionaries who want to build an open knowledge base that contains all the knowledge of your field.

Neolace is for teams that want to better capture and share their internal knowledge, and are tired of messy wikis or other ineffective approaches.

Neolace in one minute.

Here's the short version. Want more detail? We also have a 10 minute overview from Braden MacDonald (Neolace Lead Developer).


Neolace is a new platform and we're adding features all the time. Here's what it can already do:


Use "lookups" to embed answers to complex questions.

Just like you can write =SUM(A1+A2) in Excel, you can write a lookup expression like {this.descendants()} in Neolace to compute some result and optionally embed that live computation into any article or property value.


Let the platform keep your content up to date automatically.

Save your team hours of gruntwork. With Neolace, when you make an update to part of your knowledge graph, it will auto-update all other entries as needed - just like a spreadsheet updates after you change a single cell.

Change Requests

Use the built-in review workflow to ensure accurate content.

You can invite other teams or even the public to contribute content and fixes - but unlike a wiki, Neolace lets you review, preview, and refine proposed edits before you accept them.

Graph Visualization

A graph is worth a thousand words.

Neolace has built-in tools for visually displaying and exploring the graph of relationships between things.


Get more from less.

Neolace "understands" the relationships between entries, so it can determine a lot of properties automatically using inference.


Easily integrate external data sources in real time.

Neolace has plugins called Connectors that bring in data from other sources and keep it in sync.


Write text using the markup syntax you know and love.

Neolace uses Markdown for article text, entry descriptions, schema descriptions, and more.


Write text the normal way, and ignore that Markdown stuff.

Not a Markdown expert? We have you covered: Neolace has a visual editor that's easy to use and has almost no learning curve.


Keep your content well-organized using a schema.

A schema is essential for keeping your knowledge base organized as it grows, and also makes the authoring workflow more streamlined by only prompting you for relevant fields.

Schema Updates

Easily evolve your schema as your knowledge base expands.

We make it easy to adjust the schema "just in time", while you're adding new content or making edits. And you can combine many schema and content edits into a single change request to get approval from your team before it goes live.


Search at lightning speed.

Neolace search functionality is powered by TypeSense to give instant results as fast as you can type. Go to search TechNotes and try something like "battery" or "gondola" to see what we mean.


Neolace understands quantities, units, and ranges.

You can enter values like 3.02 m or 5 - 7 ft, and Neolace can do calculations with those and display helpful conversions in tooltips. Even specialized units like "pphpd" (passengers per hour per direction) are fully supported.


Full support for images as well as file attachments.

You can include images as entries in your knowledge graph, and you can also attach any type of file (e.g. PDF) to your entries.


Add custom functionality or change how Neolace looks.

A flexible plugin framework allows each Neolace site to offer unique functionality or match your brand's look and feel.


You're in control of who can do what, and how.

Assign users to groups and give each group different permissions. These guys can edit the schema, those ones can approve content edits, and these ones can suggest changes but need to have their changes reviewed - that sort of thing.

See it in action.

These public sites are powered by Neolace.

  • TechNotes

    A clean tech engineering knowledge base

    (under development)

  • Neolace Junction

    The Neolace community resource hub, with documentation, blog posts, etc.

    (under development)

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